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Here are some case studies from Achieve Planner customers*...

Case Study # 1 - Executive/CEO

As CEO of Animal Products, Primal Foods, Bob Fritz is very busy and has to manage dozens of projects. He was frustrated because he couldn't find a solution that could keep up with all his projects and communicate well with Microsoft Outlook.

“Before using Achieve Planner, I had lots of loose ends, dropped balls, etc.” Bob says. With Achieve Planner, Bob was able to consolidate different moving parts & projects into a single location for clarity and action.

“Now I can keep it all going, amazingly. Anybody who feels it's all crashing in can get a lot of benefit from your software. Lower cortisol is better!”

Bob says, “If you're workload is large and/or diverse, and your butt is on the line for getting it all done, somehow, someway-and getting it done on time-then this is the program. Period.”

Bob found the “project blocks” feature of Achieve Planner particularly helpful. Project blocks allow Bob to schedule time for projects/tasks directly in the calendar, which helps him plan his days and weeks in advance. Bob added, “Transferring a task into a scheduling block is very powerful.”

Achieve Planner is the best planning/organization software around; and I've used them all. Limitless scale, simple to use. Plus it keeps my stress hormones much lower, as well,” Bob says. “Excellence is rare and this program embodies it.”

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Case Study # 2 - Professor, Doctor, Researcher & Working Mom

Caroline Richardson, MD is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Health Systems, a research scientist, a family practice doctor and working mom with several projects and responsibilities for each role.

“I have a lot of different jobs: physician, researcher, teacher, mom and lots of projects going for each role. Before I started using Achieve Planner, I spent a lot of my time just trying to figure out what I should be working on and things I was supposed to be doing didn't get done.

I went through a phase of using Microsoft Office OneNote to keep track of my stuff and it just wasn't a good enough to do list manager and project manager for me,” Caroline says.

Since she started using Achieve Planner, Caroline has noticed some significant improvements in her organization and productivity, “I spend less time spinning my wheels, less stuff not getting done because I forgot to do it, and more efficient planning and execution of tasks.”

She adds, “I also spend less time writing out to do lists. I feel generally calmer because the constant feeling that I have forgotten to do something important is not nagging me. I might miss a deadline or I might not have time to get something done, but at least I know exactly where I stand with every project and task and I can make rational decisions about what is most important.”

“When I'm at work, I can focus more on work stuff because I know that my list of tasks for home is up to date and that when I get off work, I will be able to efficiently tackle home tasks.

I am more focused when working on a specific project because I am more confident the current project is the thing I need to focus on now and that the little tasks / emails / phone calls are all on a list and can be accomplished quickly later. More things are getting done and I'm less likely to miss deadlines.”

Caroline found Achieve Planner's task tracking functionality and the ability to schedule time for projects particularly helpful. “I think the task list features are really great. It is easy to add, rearrange and sort tasks. Also the idea of planning blocks of time to work on bigger projects has really helped me get the big stuff done,” Caroline says.

She adds, “Work on large complicated projects was going slowly, but the planning and organization features of Achieve Planner, especially the idea of breaking projects down into sub projects and tasks, scheduling and prioritizing each one and having a follow up or next step task for every task that has been completed is very helpful. I put in a large grant last month for which I planned and tracked every step and every revision in Achieve Planner until it was done.”

Because Achieve Planner incorporates sound time management principles, Caroline found that just using Achieve Planner has helped her develop better time management habits, “Because I work on so many different projects simultaneously, I was constantly switching from project to project and the transition time between projects was eating up all of my time.

By planning large blocks of time to work on a specific project, I waste less time with frequent transitions and make more progress. Also, the organization and tracking features of Achieve Planner decrease transition times because I always know what task needs to be done next. I have several different offices and the scheduling features of Achieve Planner helped me plan my meetings etc so that I don't spend all day driving from one office to another getting nothing done.”

Caroline found that using Achieve Planner helps her say “no” to opportunities and commitments that don't fit with her top priorities, “I am better able to respond to invitations and requests for collaboration or consultation because I have a better idea of how much of my time is already used up over the next few weeks. It used to be that if I got an interesting invitation I would leave it in my email inbox for a while trying to decide if I could do it. Now I say no more often and more quickly because it is more obvious that taking on another task or project is not a good idea.”

Caroline also found the time management training and support included with Achieve Planner particularly helpful saying, “I think the online tutorial was excellent and allowed me to get up to speed with the software very quickly.”

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Case Study # 3 - Business Consultant

Marco Germani is the managing director of a multi-national consulting firm ( that helps Italian companies doing business in China. He’s been a long-time student of time management, but hadn’t been able to find a good software solution to help him manage all his projects, tasks and schedule.

Marco says, “I've always been a fanatic of time management and I started studying the subject seriously about eight years ago, reading books, attending seminars (in Italy where I live) and listening to audio courses. Being often on business trips and using my laptop daily, I wanted a piece of software which was better developed than RPM, still keeping the same philosophy and principles. That is how I bumped into Achieve Planner, during one of my many searches on google on time management software... I also tried a few other software, but didn't like them too much.”

Marco adds, “I used to schedule my time and organize my projects and tasks even before I bought AP, but I just didn't have the right tool in hand to fully take advantage of my discipline and efforts and I was very often fighting against software problems which diverted my focus from my most important goals.”

Since he started using Achieve Planner, Marco has experienced some very positive results... “My productivity simply skyrocketed, I feel very in control of my time and of my life and I know I am focused most of the time on my most important objectives.”

He adds, “After about four months of training on the software and finding my best practices among its many functionalities I was able to fit in my weekly schedule a number of activities which was just unimaginable before.”

Marco found Achieve Planner's ability to schedule projects and tasks in the calendar to be very helpful in actually getting them done. He says, “I found particularly useful the concept of scheduling time blocks for projects and then having the freedom to shift from one action item to the other within the same project. This is a very interesting technique for people like me who have a very short attention span and have the tendency to do too many things at the same time. In this way, this capacity is directed and focused into a single project and prevents me from losing focus and taking care of completely different subjects at once.”

He adds, “Also the possibility of checking out completed tasks directly in the calendar tag and the outlook synchronization were massive improvements in my productivity.”

Overall, Marco gives Achieve Planner high marks... “Achieve Planner gave me an easy, reliable, user-friendly and complete tool to manage my life. It removed all of my worries about backups, lost data, bugs, etc., as it works smoothly and delivers what it promises,” Marco says.

“I know I am capable achieving any objective I set my mind on because I have a powerful tool in hands, which enables me to clearly define what I want to achieve in writing, define a list of actions which will move me forward toward the attainment of the objective and schedule those actions in my daily planner, which I have the will and the discipline to follow.”

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Case Study # 4 - Business Owner

Tom Murawski owns several businesses including Businessland Ltd, a Managerial Accounting Consultancy practice

Tom was looking for a solution that could help him keep track of everything he needed to do for his various businesses. Tom says, “I had too many projects that needed my attention. Even with putting all on paper I could never focus on the task that I was working on because of constant worry that I could miss my deadline with something else.”

Since he started using Achieve Planner, Tom has noticed a significant increase in his productivity. But according to Tom that's not the most important benefit, “The main thing is peace of mind. I am saving at least two hours a day. I have also re-gained my weekends, knowing that I am on target with my schedules.”

Two features that Tom found the most helpful are the weekly schedule/calendar and the Task Chooser that helps you see the most important tasks across all your projects. Tom says, “Running several businesses I used to wear different hats (literally), so everyone knew what my role was at a particular time. The problem was that no one knew when was a good time to talk to me.” He adds, “One of the most helpful features is the weekly schedule. The printout is posted outside my office, so my staff know what is the best time for non-scheduled discussions.”

“The most valuable feature for me (other than the whole Achieve Planner ease of use) is the Task Chooser. I simply go there and complete the tasks one by one without giving a thought about anything else. I'm still (after several months) amazed how much can be done in a day.”

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Case Study # 5 - Realtor / Business Owner

Aaron Gardner is a realtor and business/process automation specialist (SmartTracker Software). Before using Achieve Planner, Aaron felt disorganized and unproductive. “I am a High-D/I (DISC Profile) and felt very disorganized. I constantly ran into time management issues, not knowing where my projects where at in terms of status, and so-forth. Not particularly productive.”

Achieve Planner has helped Aaron get organized and clarity about what needs to be done. Aaron says, “I now know what projects I have to do, what their priorities are, and what needs to be done, when. I'm getting considerably more organized in the processing, filing and acting upon incoming information (due also to taking David Allen's Getting Things Done course in conjunction w/ using this software.) I'm seeing a lot more clarity now!”

“It's hard for me to quantify exactly how much time I've saved, but ultimately I have my priorities more-so in order and have been able to significantly reduce my stress due to the fact that I have a clear picture of where I'm at and where I'm going. Very empowering.”

Two features that Aaron has found particularly helpful are the Projects manager, which helps Aaron keep all his projects organized effectively. And the weekly planning with “Time Blocking" based on his ideal week. Aaron says, “I was doing this in Excel and Achieve Planner is a lot more efficient.”

“Achieve Planner has also increased workflow efficiency, and I'm starting to implement more life balance (not all just work-work-work-work)”

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Case Study # 6 - Entrepreneur / Business Owner

Renee’ Ruby is an entrepreneur/proprietor of RubyImage Design Studio. She is also executive director for Poised Pageants. “Before using Achieve Planner I could not stay on task or focused too much on a task so that priorities were not kept.”

Since she started using Achieve Planner, Renee has found it much easier to stay on task and prioritize tasks in her work, homeschool, extracurricular activities and personal life.

She’s also noticed other positive side effects, saying, “My stress has been reduced by the fact that I always stay prioritized. I do not spend too much time on mundane tasks when I have more important things to do. My homeschool efficiency has improved greatly and kept my kids from having too much time on their hands due to my working and leaving them to their own accord.” Renee adds, “In fact, in some areas I have created such positive habits in prioritizing that I no longer need reminders or schedules.”

Two features that Renee finds useful for life management are the wish list and the goal planner. She says, “The wish list is SO nice to have - I've always discovered things I wanted to get for whatever reason but never could remember them when needed the wish list lets me keep those things close-by so I have them when I need them. I also appreciate the goal planner as it is nice to have a list close by that I can look at on occasion to refocus or motivate myself.”

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Case Study # 7 - Commercial Property Manager

DT is a commercial property manager. Before using Achieve Planner, DT often felt out of control and unfocused. DT says, “I was literally out of control. Although I was following the GTD philosophy, I was unable to get to a place where I could remember all my commitments and projects. My thoughts were disorganized and everytime I worked on a project, my thoughts would wander into other areas of concern. Because of the mental chaos, I couldn't stay focused. I needed a program that would have everything at my fingertips and that could be flexible enough to suit the requirements of my work.”

DT feels that Achieve Planner has helped to get better organized and focused on what needs to be done, saying “AP has kept me organized. With all the additional tweaks added to the program, I can easily pick something to do when I have a few moments. I can stay focused and not be late for meetings. It also allows me to plan ahead when I use the Outline form.”

DT also says, “I can't really tell how much time I've gained (the economic disaster has caused a slow down). Prior to the economy bust, I do recall thinking that I had more control over all my projects and that there was less stress involved. I have more time to work on projects with a clearer head. It's allowed me to do other things, like take classes and to have a life outside of work.”

Two features that DT found particularly helpful are the Task Chooser and the customizable views in the Outline, saying “The Task Chooser - no brainer to use. I can work on the next item and I never forget to do something. I also like the Outline customizable views that I can set up for my purposes.”

“Now my desk is so clean that my boss is scared that I'm quitting.”

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Case Study # 8 - IK

Before using Achieve Planner, IK felt that things were quite disorganized, overestimated time resources and constantly kept forgetting important deadlines.

Achieve Planner has helped IK improve time management skills. IK says, “It helps me keep track of regular tasks, I have set goals and wishes and have a good chance to look at them on regular basis. Also it is a good time planning tool. Days activities can be organized and thus gives a reasonable ability to be realistic on what can be done. At the end of the day you can see gaps where you have wasted time.”

“It is hard for me to estimate how much time I've saved, but surely I can value that job gets done faster, less time spent on preparing for a next task. Greatest time saving is on regular tasks - I do plan them a couple days or a week before and when the day comes, it is very easy and fast to complete them as planned. For tasks that involve "creativity" and can be more time consuming than planned, this helps in different way - it is possible to replan and postpone some other tasks.”

Two features that IK found particularly helpful are the ability to schedule projects/tasks in the calendar and the task management features which support planned effort and ability to record progress, along with recurring tasks.

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Case Study # 9 - Elizabeth

Elizabeth was accomplishing a fair amount, but felt that she could do more. She says, “Although I knew & understood the principles of good time management, I'd been neglecting some of them & so was not achieving as much as I knew I could.”

One of the aspects of Achieve Planner that Elizabeth found particularly helpful is that it supports and even encourages the use of good time management principles... “An important principle put into action is the "big rock" principle, thereby avoiding being busy with issues which are not really essential but may appear necessary on the surface. Distinguishing between projects & tasks rather than having one long list also greatly assists & simplifies organization.”

She says, “Using 2 hour blocks starting early in the morning to concentrate on just high level work, the "big rocks", has helped me get more important work done." Elizabeth adds, “For me, it has been much better to use the prime hours to concentrate on more complex work & leave admin to do when I feel less fresh.”

“Another thing that's helped is having a timed short break, then a longer break, rather than keep working all morning which had resulted in pace & motivation gradually decreasing. These breaks have also increased my efficiency.”

Elizabeth estimates that she's gained about 2 hours of productive time per week by using Achieve Planner, and especially when it comes to advancing the important “big rock areas”. She says, “I've been able to focus better on the task at hand. Also, I've saved time by grouping similar tasks e.g. emails, phone calls together. I've also had more time & motivation to fit in minor tasks which I had previously neglected.”

One feature that Elizabeth found particularly helpful is the calendar showing the ideal week so it's possible to see at a glance the best times to do high-energy and low-energy work... “This quickly enables me to see what I need to focus on at a specific time & is much more time efficient than planning on paper.”

A second feature that Elizabeth likes is the Weekly Planning Wizard... “The ability to automatically divide the hours planned for a specific project for the week into the project areas available by dropping the projects into the correct high or low level areas. This helps me ensure quick & accurate proportioning of time available to projects, helping me to accomplish what I planned.”

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Case Study # 10 - IT Project Manager

Marco Pellegrini is a project manager who often works on multiple simultaneous IT projects. Marco was already productive but was looking for a tool that would help him integrate all his practices in one central place.

Marco says, “Since I was already interested on time/project management technique, my productivity was quite good. There was a lack of INTEGRATION of multiple instruments, which is the role Achieve Planner runs Very Good.”

One of the most significant benefits that Marco found from using Achieve Planner is that it helped him enter into a more productive mindset, saying “I found that productivity depend for at least 80% from “mind state”, also I found that this mind state can be maintained and, best of all, re-established with AP. It also helped with my organization and balance.”

Two features that Marco has found particularly helpful are the Outline and Weekly Schedule with integrated Time Charts. “The Outline is the best, since it threats to-do list integrating them with projects, priority, goals and schedule. The Time Chart in the weekly schedule is also a powerful co-pilot in driving your life.”

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“I purchased AP for my business and it has been a huge help in tracking and getting things done. It is straightforward and easy to use. It makes getting projects done much easier and tops Outlook and other tools that are either featureless or too huge and complex.”

Ray Diaz

“This by far the most intelligent piece of time-management software I’ve come across and I’ve tried a few.”

Joe Kissoon

“I’ve been using it for almost a month, and I’ve found it to be very helpful in managing my dissertation project.”


“I’ve looked at several personal productivity / task management software packages over my 9 year career in IT... I have to say that Achieve Planner is hands down the best personal productivity app I’ve ever used!

It is quick to learn & awesome at unifying all of my life’s commitments while not skimping on the details if you should need them. I also love the ongoing time management tips & messages of encouragement which really help keep me focused and remind me WHY it is important to stay on-track! Thanks Effexis!”

Greg Pickrell

Wow! I’ve been waiting 20 years for this product!”

Fernando Chapa

“Your Achieve Planning software is the best I’ve used. Continue the great work!”

Dan Cross

“Achieve Planner is the first time-management software program that I have found that really allows me to organize myself in a way that is more consistent with my wholistic lifestyle.

Believe me I have checked out a few programs and have an entire shelf of books and videos in addition to all the workshops and seminars I have attended.

It has been an up hill battle for me as a very right brained, ADDer (Definition of ADDer: Someone who finds life so exciting and full of possibilities that they can’t help but keep adding more and more to their already fabulous life!)

For me the point of managing my time is to be able to live with minimal stress and have even more fun, pleasure and prosperity... and Achieve Planner helps me do that!”

Caroline Bell, PhD

“I have tried just about every piece of time and project management software on the Internet, as well as most of the goal setting software that’s out there too!

I have to say that Acheive Planner is _the best_ program I have ever used.”

Dean W. Charron

“Also, thanks for a brilliant product. I have tried several time management type applications prior to discovering "Achieve" and they all seemed to lack something.

After loading the achieve trial I purchased the product very quickly afterwards as I could see the potential. I’ve now been working with "Achieve" for three weeks and will certainly recommend it to others.

It does exactly what I need and gives me a method of managing the multiple projects that my daily work involves.”

Paul Ralph
Scotland UK

“Thanks for making such an awesome product. This is far superior to any I’ve used before!”

Stephanie Chapman

“I work from home, and use to have my work schedule, ideas, and notes, spread between two desks, on multiple pieces of paper or just held in my head.

Achieve Planner has changed all of that. This tool is incredible, and has helped me organise everything so that I now have a solid plan to work to.

I know exactly what I have to do each day, and I can promise you one thing. Planning for the weeks and months ahead has never been this fun! Keep up the great job!”

Andy Williams

“Thanks so much for making a great product. It’s really helping me get organized in my personal and professional life.”


“It’s a great software product and we both love to use it. We both tried to use Tony Robbins OPA/RPM system for years.

My husband managed to make some progress with it, but it was a little too complicated.

The Achieve Planner does everything that OPA should have done and it is perfectly integrated with Outlook. More people need to know about it”

Liz Blackham

“I’d like to say that I really enjoy working with AP planner.

You made it so ergonomic. We can reach easily and rapidly any task, contact or project.
The keyboard shortcuts are very useful and intuitives.

There’s a lot of possibility in this software (I didn’t use every one of them yet) and I can’t hardly wait for the next developpements.
Really, Bravo !”

Richard Lavoie

“Your Acheive Planner is a work of genius. I recently purchased the
productivity suite and am stunned by all that this program offers. It’s like having a 24/7 personal assistant and personal life coach all rolled into one.

I just want to thank you for the time, effort, and creativity you’ve put into developing this truly revolutionary product.
May you live long and prosper!”

Mercedes Goldcamp

“I am in love with Achieve Planner. It has made a significant difference in how I organize my time and I am accomplishing more than ever without that feeling of being overwhelmed. Thank you for developing it.”

Bev Dugar

“This is the very best planning system I have ever used. I manage a small business and run about 5 or 6 departments by myself.

Achieve Planner has made it possible to effectively track all of my tasks and projects in one system. Thank you. Keep up the great work.”


“The tutorials are excellent - short and to-the-point. They clearly explain  the steps needed to achieve a task in Achieve Planner without a lot of extraneous commentary.

I was/am very impressed. There are a lot of garbage tutorials ’out there’. Yours are excellent & I have found them most useful.”


“I’m finding it quite helpful. I’ve just been using the basics for about 3 weeks now and already starting to feel like I have a better grip on my week.

It allows me to take a realistic look at the amount of time I have available and then plan my task time accordingly.

I’m finding fewer tasks are "slipping between the cracks", plus I’m not as frustrated by not trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

The integration with Outlook is also very handy in that I can easily assign Tasks to staffers.”

Mark Herman

“Btw, I am IMMENSELY pleased with the Achieve Planner. I am a software engineer myself, and appreciate the detailed attention to the finish the careful engineering that has gone into the features of the software. Very well done!”

Arthur Vanderbilt

“I have been using this tool for about a month - I have tested many,
many, software tools for project & task planning before and have NEVER found anything that has immediately and positively impacted the way I work.

This is a GREAT tool and I only wish I’d found it years ago.

Thank you!”

Paul Sheard

“You have a very good program and its the best I have seen. Thanks for the help and I look forward to using it daily.”

Paul R.

“I sent you an email earlier on Procrastination and the wins I had from that course. I just thought the wins were big until I started applying the technology of your Time Management course.

Just after the first week of using Time Charts and Project Blocks my production has soared mainly due to NOT multi-tasking and doing what I'm doing while I'm doing it.

I have benefited greatly from using your technology and your software program, Achieve Planner.”

James Owens



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