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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This page provides answers to common questions related to the Achieve Planner (AP) software.

If you have questions that are not addressed by this page, please submit a support ticket.

Licensing/Ordering FAQ

Q: Is the free 30-day trial really free? Any strings attached?

The 30-day trial for the Achieve Planner software is completely free with no strings attached. You don't have to give your credit card and you won't be charged for anything when the trial expires.

Q: If I decide to purchase, does all my data entered during the trial get transferred over to the purchased version?

Yes. When you purchase, you don't have to download anything new. You just apply a registration code to "unlock" the trial. All your data that you entered during the trial remains the same and is fully available.

Q: I want to use Achieve Planner on my desktop and laptop. How many licenses do I need to buy?

If you will be the only person using these computers, you only need a single-user license.

We realize that many people use more than one computer. We have designed our licensing agreement to be reasonable and flexible. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket.

Single-User License

The single-user license applies to either a single person using more than one computer, or a single computer used non-concurrently by multiple people, but not both.

For example, with a single-user license you can install and use Achieve Planner on your desktop, laptop, and home computer as long as you will be the only one using these computers.

If multiple people will be using your home PC, you would need to purchase two licenses: one for your work computers and one for your home PC.

Please note that if you buy Achieve Planner through your work, it is your company (and not you) that owns the license. If you move to another job, you would need to buy a license of your own in order to continue using it.

Multiple-User License

Multiple-user licenses are exactly the same as if you had purchased multiple single-user licenses individually, but have the additional benefit of volume discounts.

The same rules that apply to single-user licenses apply to multiple-user licenses: each one can be used by a single person on multiple computers, or in a single computer by multiple people (but not at the same time.)

Achieve Planner is not licensed on a concurrent user basis.

Please note that Achieve Planner is a personal planning tool and is not groupware or multi-user capable. Multiple users cannot share the same data file in a networked environment.

By purchasing multiple licenses, you are only taking advantage of volume discounts so that multiple people can use Achieve Planner individually.

Q: Can I take my copy of Achieve Planner with me to a new job?

It really depends on whether you purchased Achieve Planner through your old employer (e.g., your employer paid for it), or you purchased it yourself personally.

If your past employer purchased it for you, then it most likely belongs to them and not you. Please check with your employer regarding their policy.

If you purchased it yourself, you can transfer your copy of Achieve Planner to a new PC as described here.

Q: How do I transfer my copy of Achieve Planner to a new PC?

To transfer your license of Achieve Planner to a new PC, follow these steps:

1) Download the Achieve Planner installer on the new PC (download area)

2) Run the installer on the new PC to install the software

3) Use your existing permanent registration code (code received via email) to unlock the software and register it on the new PC.

NOTE: Starting with version, you can view your full permanent registration code in the Help->About dialog. Older versions only display a partial code which cannot be used when transferring AP from one PC to another.

If you lost your registration code, please click here for instructions.

4) Copy your data file (.ach) from your old PC to the new PC. This is typically a file with a .ach extension and by default it is saved in the 'My Documents' folder.

5) The first time you run Achieve Planner on the new PC, you will need to open the data file manually. Use the File->Open->Open Data File menu command and select the Achieve Planner data file on your new PC.

NOTE: You can still keep a copy of Achieve Planner on your old PC if you will be the only one using it, otherwise please uninstall it.

Q: What is the difference between the 30-day trial and the purchased version?

Both the 30-day trial and the purchased version of Achieve Planner are the same (you download and install the same file).

When you purchase Achieve Planner, you will receive a registration code that unlocks the trial and converts it into the purchased version.

Q: Is there a CD version or is it just available via electronic download?

At this point, Achieve Planner is only available via electronic download. There is no CD version.

Registration Codes

Q: Why haven't I received my permanent registration code?

We typically send the permanent registration code within 1-3 business days of your purchase, but it may take up to 5 business days.

If you haven't received your permanent registration code and it's been more than 5 business days since you purchased it, please check your SPAM/bulk folder.

In some cases, our email with your permanent registration code may be blocked or dropped by your ISP before it reaches you.

If you still can't find your permanent registration code, please go here to submit a ticket and include as much information as possible about your order including, your order number, name, email address, and any other information that could help us locate your order.

IMPORTANT: If you've already contacted support and have not received a response in a day or so, it's very likely that you are not receiving our email messages.

This could happen EVEN IF YOU RECEIVED the email with the temporary registration code because that email is sent automatically by our shopping cart and not by us.

Q: What is a registration code, where do I get it?

A registration code unlocks the Achieve Planner trial and allows you to use the software after the 30-day trial period.

You should receive a temporary registration code via email immediately after you purchase Achieve Planner, and you should receive your user specific registration code via email within 1-5 business days.

Q: Why do I get a temporary registration code when I purchase AP?

The temporary registration code allows you to unlock and start using Achieve Planner immediately after you place your order while we prepare and send you the permanent registration code based on your name.

We provide this so you can start using Achieve Planner right away without having to wait for the permanent registration code to arrive (which can take up to 5 business days).

Q: I lost my registration code, how can I get it back?

If you lost or can't find your permanent registration code, please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can locate your order.

Q: How do I enter my registration code into Achieve Planner?

To enter your registration code, please do the following (version 1.5 and later):

In your email client:

1) Select all the text in the email containing your registration code (Ctrl+A)

2) Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C)

In Achieve Planner:

3) Invoke Help->Registration menu item

4) Click on the Register button

5) Make sure that both the user name and registration code in the appropriate boxes match the values from the email message.

If they don't, you may need to enter them by hand (we recommend using cut and paste directly from the email message).

NOTE: User name is case sensitive. Enter it exactly as shown in the email message.

6) Click OK to complete the registration

Q: If I use the temporary code, will I have to re-enter my data when I get the permanent code?

No, you won't have to re-enter all your data when you register with the permanent code. We wouldn't do that to you!

All your data will be safe in your data file when you change codes.

Upgrades FAQ

Q: How can I upgrade to the latest version of Achieve Planner?

The Achieve Planner download area contains the latest released version of Achieve Planner.

NOTE: The trial version is the same as the purchased version once you apply the registration code.

To upgrade to the latest version, follow these steps:

1) Close all running instances of Achieve Planner

2) Download the installer to your PC from the download area

3) Double-click to run the installer from your PC - This will automatically upgrade your Achieve Planner version to the latest value

NOTE: We recommend that you make a backup of your data file before upgrading to a new version just in case you want to roll back to an earlier version

4) Start Achieve Planner - If the data file format has changed, your data file may need to be converted to the new format. This should happen automatically

Q: Are upgrades free or do I have to pay for them?

Achieve Planner minor and bug-fix updates are free to registered users of the same major release version. For example, Achieve Planner 1.x users are entitled to free updates to all 1.x releases.

Each major revision of the software (e.g., from 1.x to 2.x) requires users of previous versions to purchase an upgrade license at a discount.

You can get the discount code by following the instructions on the order form when you want to purchase the upgrade.

Q: How do I find out what's new in each version of Achieve Planner?

Take a look at the What's New with Achieve Planner page, where we post new features/fixes for each release.

Q: How do I download older versions of Achieve Planner?

We currently DO NOT maintain an older version archive of Achieve Planner releases that is available to the public.

If you want to be able to roll back to an older version of Achieve Planner, please keep a copy of the old installer before downloading a new one.

If there is a compelling reason why you need an older version, please submit a ticket.

Install/Uninstall FAQ

Q: How do I install Achieve Planner?

Achieve Planner uses an installer package from InstallShield to simplify the process of installing Achieve Planner and all it's necessary components.

All you need to do is run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Achieve Planner requires the Microsoft .NET framework V1.1 which may already be installed in your system.

If it is not already installed, the installer will attempt to download the Microsoft .NET Framework installer directly from Microsoft (dotnetfx.exe) and run the installation for you.

Q: What is the Microsoft .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework runtime (which may already be installed on your computer) is a software component that must be present in order to run any .NET applications like Achieve Planner.

The Achieve Planner setup installer will automatically detect if the .NET runtime is not present and can download it if necessary from the Microsoft website. You would only need to install it once to run any .NET application in the future. If you need to install the Microsoft .NET framework, installer may need to restart your computer before it can install Achieve Planner.

If you prefer you can also download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework directly from Microsoft (click here for the download page).

IMPORTANT for Windows Vista/Windows 7 Users: Achieve Planner currently requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1.

Our Vista installer DOES NOT automatically install the 1.1 .NET framework on your PC.

While Vista & Windows 7 come pre-installed with the .NET framework 3.5, due to a Vista/Windows 7 quirk, some users have reported strange/random errors when using Achieve Planner on Vista/Windows 7 without having the 1.1 .NET framework installed.

If you experience any problems while running Achieve Planner on Vista or Windows 7, you may want to install the 1.1 version of the Microsoft .NET framework separately to see if it helps resolve the problems.

You can get the installer directly from Microsoft (click here for the download page). You don't have to re-install Achieve Planner after you've installed the framework.

The different versions of the .NET framework can be installed side-by-side on Vista & Windows 7 without any problems.

Q: How do I uninstall Achieve Planner?

If you would like to uninstall Achieve Planner, you can do so from the "Add/Remove Programs" in the control panel. Simply open the control panel, choose "Add/Remove Programs," find the entry for Achieve Planner, and click on the "Remove" button (in some computers you may have to click the "Change/Modify" button and then choose to uninstall from the wizard.)

Support for Multiple Users, Groups, Teams

Q: Does Achieve Planner support multiple users or a team/group?

Currently, Achieve Planner is a personal planning tool and it does NOT support multiple simultaneous users sharing access to the same data file.

You cannot assign or send tasks to subordinates other people in your team. Achieve Planner will not automatically keep track of their progress or send you status updates.

Q: Can Achieve Planner send delegated task requests to my staff?

Not at this time. Achieve Planner is currently a personal planning tool and it does not support sending delegated task requests to your staff.

Q: Can I put my data file in a network server so that everyone in my team can see each other's projects?

Yes and no. While you can always put your data file in a network server so anyone can open it, you will run the risk of someone else overwriting your changes, especially if you've enabled the Auto Save feature.

Achieve Planner is not a multi-user capable application and it DOES NOT detect multiple program instances using the same data file.

We DO NOT recommend allowing multiple users to open the same data file simultaneously.

Data Files

Q: Do I need to save my data to a file?

Yes, you need to save your data to a .ach file (use File->Save) command. The first time you save, you will be asked to select a name and location for your data file.

Q: My data file does not open automatically when I launch Achieve Planner, what do I do now?

Achieve Planner tries to open the last data file that was opened/saved while using Achieve Planner previously. However, if you move or rename the data file, Achieve Planner will not be able to find it.

If for some reason your data file does not open automatically, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - If you know the name and location of your data file, then skip ahead to step 2, otherwise, search for your data file in your hard drive.

By default, Achieve Planner data files have a .ach extension and are located in the 'My Documents' folder, although you could have changed the location when you first saved the file.

Step 2 - From Achieve Planner, select File->Open->Open Data File menu item (from the File menu) and select your data file from the File Dialog.

Step 3 - Save your data file (File->Save)

Achieve Planner should now remember the location of your data file the next time you launch it.

Q: Is there an auto-save, or do I always have to save manually?

Achieve Planner does have an "auto-save" feature that can automatically save your changes regularly. You can specify the auto-save period in minutes. For example, every 1 minute, or every 5 minutes.

By default, Auto-Save is turned off. You can change the Auto-Save settings from Tools->Options menu in the Save tab.

Sync with Outlook, Palm, Pocket PC, Lotus Notes

Q: Does Achieve Planner sync with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Achieve Planner supports full 2-way synchronization with Outlook for tasks, contacts, and appointments. You can also import email messages into AP from Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 are supported.

To learn more about Outlook synchronization, please read the User Manual. There is a whole chapter in the manual describing Outlook synchronization in more detail.

You can get the user manual from within AP (use Help->User Manual command) or by visiting our training center.

Q: Does Achieve Planner sync with PocketPC?

At this time, Achieve Planner does not synchronize directly with PocketPC.

We are working on a direct ActiveSync implementation for Tasks using a popular PocketPC PIM called Pocket Informant.

The sync is currently in beta test. You can participate in the beta test here.

Q: Does Achieve Planner sync with Palm or Blackberry?

There is no direct sync between Achieve Planner and Palm/Blackberry at this time. Most Palm users sync indirectly by using Outlook as an intermediary.

Q: Does Achieve Planner sync with Lotus Notes?

There is no direct sync between Achieve Planner and Lotus Notes at this time. You may be able to use the existing sync with Microsoft Outlook as an intermediary.

Q: I'm using Achieve Planner on both my home and work PCs, how do I sync data between them?

You need to transfer the .ach file between your multiple PCs before you launch Achieve Planner.

Achieve Planner cannot synchronize or merge changes made to different versions of the same data file. If you make some changes on the file on your home PC and make different changes to another .ach file on your work PC, you can't then merge these two different files together later.

What most users do is transfer the files from one PC to another using the Internet (FTP, email, etc.), or they use a USB flash memory device to store the .ach file and transfer it from one PC to the other.

Common Outlook Sync Problems

Q: I'm getting an error that says "Invalid Class String"?

This typically means that Achieve Planner is having difficulty connecting with Outlook using it's automation interface. This can happen for various reasons including a misbehaving Outlook add-in, or an invalid registry setting due to a change in the Outlook installation.

Outlook Detect and Repair (advanced)

If the workaround below does not work, you may need to repair your installation of Outlook.

1) Use the Help -> Detect and Repair menu in Outlook and follow instructions. Please check Outlook documentation before doing this advanced procedure.


Some users have reported that the following workaround seems to solve many Outlook Sync problems...

1) Close Achieve Planner and Outlook

2) Check the Processes tab of the Task Manager and look for any remaining instances of Outlook (OUTLOOK.EXE) that may still be running. If you find any, please wait 5 seconds and then end the process.

3) Start Outlook again

4) Start Achieve Planner

If this solves the problem, please remember to start Outlook before you try to perform the sync.

Q: I'm getting an error that says "RPC server unavailable"?

This typically means that Achieve Planner is having problems communicating with Outlook. Please try the workaround mentioned above and see if it solves the problem.

Q: I'm getting a problem report when I try to sync with Outlook?

If the problem report is not related to the above two cases and persists even after you try the workaround mentioned above, please send us the problem report and include your email so that we can contact you.

If the problem occurs during the Task Sync process, try this workaround:

1) Go to the Outlook Tasks screen (in Outlook Go -> Tasks menu item)

2) Select Simple List view and remove any grouping and filtering

3) Select the Actions -> Save Task Order menu item (in Outlook)

Try to perform the sync again after saving the Outlook task order.


Q: How can I print my projects, tasks or Outline?

You can print the current grid (in the main interface tabs) using the
File->Print or File->Print Preview menu items.

You can control some of the aspects of the printed grid (including Font) in the following options (Tools->Options menu)

Grids tab: Grid Print Font (check box and select font/size to use)

Display tab: Support print in color box

You can also change the page setup using File->Page Setup menu.

Q: How can I print the details in the various information forms?

In most cases, you can print details of most records that are available in the information forms as follows:

1) Go to the corresponding tab in the main Achieve Planner window.

For example, if you want to print the details of a Project, go to the Projects tab (Go->Projects)

2) Select the row of the project for which you want to print additional details

3) Select File -> View Report menu item

From the view report window, you can print the detailed report of the selected item.

We are planning to add similar reporting functionality into the various information forms in a future release.

Q: How can I print my appointments in the weekly schedule?

There are two main ways to print appointments in the weekly schedule.

1) Go to the Weekly Schedule tab (Go -> Weekly Schedule)

2) Select the File -> Print (or File -> Print Preview) menu item - This will print a graphical display of the weekly schedule similar to what you see on the screen


2) Select File -> View Report to print a text-only report of appointments and events

Q: How can I change the font/size of the printout?

You can specify the font and size to use when printing various grids using the Options dialog.

1) Use Tools -> Options menu item to display dialog

2) Under Grids tab, check the "Grid Print Font" box to specify a custom print font

3) Select the desired font and size

If you are having problems with the font size being too small, check the printer settings using the File -> Page Setup menu item from the Outline, Projects, or Tasks tab.

Make sure the paper size, paper source, and printer settings are set properly for your printer.

Q: Is Achieve Planner a CRM (customer relationship management) software like ACT or Gold Mine?

While Achieve Planner does have a Contacts module (Go -> Contacts) that can be useful for simple contact tracking, it is not a full CRM application like Act or GoldMine.

If you need detailed tracking of contacts, leads, history, sales funnel, etc., then you should use a CRM application in addition to Achieve Planner.

Q: Can I keep track of conversations that I have with my clients?

The Achieve Planner Contact Information Form for each contact does have a history tab where you can keep track of basic conversations with clients.

However, this is NOT a full CRM solution like Act, GoldMine or even Outlook.

Data Backup

Q: How do I backup my data so I don't lose it?

It is important to back up your data regularly to avoid losing it in case of a problem.

While Achieve Planner provides an auto-backup feature that creates backup files every time you save your main data file, this is not enough to safeguard your data in case of computer problems. To learn more about the automatic backup feature, use the Help -> Index menu item and search for backup in the index.

To safeguard your data in case of computer problems you need a more comprehensive backup strategy including:

1) Backing up your data file and moving it to a different media (disk, other hard drive, flash card, etc.) - If your hard drive crashes, do you have a relatively recent copy of your data file in some other media?

2) Move important data to a different location - If your PC and backup media are damaged in a house fire, flood, or other disaster, do you have backups in some other location (online, other building, etc.)?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself as part of your comprehensive backup strategy.


Q: Can Achieve Planner send me an email when an appointment or task becomes due?

No, this feature is not available at this time. We've added it to the wish list for a future release.

Q: Are you planning to add a 'Personal Journal' module to the software in the near future?

We don't have plans to add a personal journal module to Achieve Planner because there are other existing applications that are better suited for it.

We recommend this one:

Common Problems

Q: I'm getting a weird problem report that says, "Font Arial doesn't support style Regular" (font & style names vary)?

This is an indication that the specified font (Arial in this case) has become corrupted in your PC. This can happen for various reasons in different PCs.

.NET Applications like Achieve Planner are very susceptible to this type of font corruption.

One way to fix this is to reinstall the affected font by copying an Arial.ttf file (or corresponding font file for other fonts) from another PC (or your Windows installation CD) into the Windows\Fonts directory of the affected PC.

If you don't have access to a font file or need further help with this, please submit a ticket.

Q: I'm getting a strange error that says "Overflow or underflow in the arithmetic operation"

This problem sometimes occurs when another process hooks into the Achieve Planner process and doesn't cleanup properly. Some of these processes include utilities that monitor keyboard or mouse actions, like macros, text abbreviation, template expansion, or other similar utilities, or utilities that change the shape or behavior of windows buttons, etc.

If you have this problem consistently, you may want to try disabling some of these utilities to see if they are causing the problem.

If you are not able to resolve the problem, please submit a ticket.

Q: I'm getting some strange errors when trying to run Achieve Planner and it won't even start

Sometimes you'll get an error immediately after launching Achieve Planner (like "application has generated an exception that could not be handled 0xc28")

These are symptoms of a problem with the .NET framework installation or security settings.

Please try the following workarounds:

1) If you've installed Achieve Planner to a directory on your Server, please try installing it directly on your PC rather than on a network server.

This is a limitation of the .NET security settings on your local area network.

2) Try adjusting the .NET Security Settings:

2.1) Start Menu and select Control Panel

2.2) Double click on the Administrative Tools icon

2.3) Double click on the 'Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards'

2.4) Select the 'Adjust .NET Security' icon

2.5) Select the 'Make changes to this computer' option or alternatively 'Make changes for current user only'

2.6) Select the 'My Computer' zone  and make sure the setting is set to 'Full Trust'

This basically gives permission to .NET programs on your computer to operate like any other executable program (Word, Outlook, etc.)

Q: How do I re-install the .NET Framework v 1.1?

If you are having strange problems while using AP (frequent crashes, application suddenly exits, strange errors, etc.) you may need to re-install the .NET framework 1.1 in your PC.

Here's how to do it:

1) Close Achieve Planner (and any other application that may be running)

2) Go to Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs

3) Find the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 entry

4) Click on the Remove button to uninstall it - this may take a few minutes

5) Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installer from Microsoft


6) Run the .NET Framework installer - This should reinstall the .NET framework 1.1 (which could take several minutes)

7) Try launching Achieve Planner again (no need to reinstall it)

If the problem persists, please submit a support ticket.


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“I was reading over the testimonials on your website and I have to agree with all of them. I have spent the last 10 years working really hard on my time management skills and using the Tony Robbins RPM system.

Honestly I have to say that by using the Achieve Planner system, it has helped me focus much more on my RPM process because I was not wasting the time I was before managing the system. I have gotten a very good process down now and my efficiency and effectiveness has skyrocketed.

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“I’ve looked at several personal productivity / task management software packages over my 9 year career in IT... I have to say that Achieve Planner is hands down the best personal productivity app I’ve ever used!

It is quick to learn & awesome at unifying all of my life’s commitments while not skimping on the details if you should need them. I also love the ongoing time management tips & messages of encouragement which really help keep me focused and remind me WHY it is important to stay on-track! Thanks Effexis!”

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Believe me I have checked out a few programs and have an entire shelf of books and videos in addition to all the workshops and seminars I have attended.

It has been an up hill battle for me as a very right brained, ADDer (Definition of ADDer: Someone who finds life so exciting and full of possibilities that they can’t help but keep adding more and more to their already fabulous life!)

For me the point of managing my time is to be able to live with minimal stress and have even more fun, pleasure and prosperity... and Achieve Planner helps me do that!”

Caroline Bell, PhD

“I have tried just about every piece of time and project management software on the Internet, as well as most of the goal setting software that’s out there too!

I have to say that Acheive Planner is _the best_ program I have ever used.”

Dean W. Charron

“Also, thanks for a brilliant product. I have tried several time management type applications prior to discovering "Achieve" and they all seemed to lack something.

After loading the achieve trial I purchased the product very quickly afterwards as I could see the potential. I’ve now been working with "Achieve" for three weeks and will certainly recommend it to others.

It does exactly what I need and gives me a method of managing the multiple projects that my daily work involves.”

Paul Ralph
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“Thanks for making such an awesome product. This is far superior to any I’ve used before!”

Stephanie Chapman

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Achieve Planner has changed all of that. This tool is incredible, and has helped me organise everything so that I now have a solid plan to work to.

I know exactly what I have to do each day, and I can promise you one thing. Planning for the weeks and months ahead has never been this fun! Keep up the great job!”

Andy Williams

“Thanks so much for making a great product. It’s really helping me get organized in my personal and professional life.”


“It’s a great software product and we both love to use it. We both tried to use Tony Robbins OPA/RPM system for years.

My husband managed to make some progress with it, but it was a little too complicated.

The Achieve Planner does everything that OPA should have done and it is perfectly integrated with Outlook. More people need to know about it”

Liz Blackham

“I’d like to say that I really enjoy working with AP planner.

You made it so ergonomic. We can reach easily and rapidly any task, contact or project.
The keyboard shortcuts are very useful and intuitives.

There’s a lot of possibility in this software (I didn’t use every one of them yet) and I can’t hardly wait for the next developpements.
Really, Bravo !”

Richard Lavoie

“Your Acheive Planner is a work of genius. I recently purchased the
productivity suite and am stunned by all that this program offers. It’s like having a 24/7 personal assistant and personal life coach all rolled into one.

I just want to thank you for the time, effort, and creativity you’ve put into developing this truly revolutionary product.
May you live long and prosper!”

Mercedes Goldcamp

“I am in love with Achieve Planner. It has made a significant difference in how I organize my time and I am accomplishing more than ever without that feeling of being overwhelmed. Thank you for developing it.”

Bev Dugar

“This is the very best planning system I have ever used. I manage a small business and run about 5 or 6 departments by myself.

Achieve Planner has made it possible to effectively track all of my tasks and projects in one system. Thank you. Keep up the great work.”


“The tutorials are excellent - short and to-the-point. They clearly explain  the steps needed to achieve a task in Achieve Planner without a lot of extraneous commentary.

I was/am very impressed. There are a lot of garbage tutorials ’out there’. Yours are excellent & I have found them most useful.”


“I’m finding it quite helpful. I’ve just been using the basics for about 3 weeks now and already starting to feel like I have a better grip on my week.

It allows me to take a realistic look at the amount of time I have available and then plan my task time accordingly.

I’m finding fewer tasks are "slipping between the cracks", plus I’m not as frustrated by not trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

The integration with Outlook is also very handy in that I can easily assign Tasks to staffers.”

Mark Herman

“Btw, I am IMMENSELY pleased with the Achieve Planner. I am a software engineer myself, and appreciate the detailed attention to the finish the careful engineering that has gone into the features of the software. Very well done!”

Arthur Vanderbilt

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This is a GREAT tool and I only wish I’d found it years ago.

Thank you!”

Paul Sheard

“You have a very good program and its the best I have seen. Thanks for the help and I look forward to using it daily.”

Paul R.

“I sent you an email earlier on Procrastination and the wins I had from that course. I just thought the wins were big until I started applying the technology of your Time Management course.

Just after the first week of using Time Charts and Project Blocks my production has soared mainly due to NOT multi-tasking and doing what I'm doing while I'm doing it.

I have benefited greatly from using your technology and your software program, Achieve Planner.”

James Owens



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